Geneviève EMOND, Ph.D.

Project facilitator and creator, educational consultant, and researcher in global and inclusive education,

Geneviève has been working in the educational and social services sector for more than 20 years.

She has participated in the creation and development of a great number of innovative educational projects with teachers and other educators, educational leaders, professionals in the social and health care sector, researchers and project managers in universities, parents and youth, in various settings, regions and countries in the North and the South.

Her broad experience at different levels of the educational system has given her a global vision on how education works - or doesn't! This position nourishes her thoughts on how our education could be transformed or changed in order, first, to better meet the individual needs of children and youth, and second, to have an impact on social justice at a global level and viable societies' development. For her, this change relies deeply on each individual, especially teachers and educational actors with a meaningful "presence" for themselves and their students.

Geneviève has recently completed a Ph.D. in Education, following a Master in Dance and a Bachelor in Education (B.Ed. McGill University). She holds as well a professional diploma in journalism and a post-grad diploma in human rights and right to education (Geneva). She is fluent French (her mother tongue), English, Spanish and German.