Alternative Education Handbook


Preparation of the "Handbook for Alternative Basic Education"

With partners in Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Ethiopia and Erythrea

Pestalozzi Children's Village Foundation, Trogen, Switzerland:

The Handbook proposes some 100 criteria for project evaluation in the field of basic education in countries in the South. It is designed for parts of the world where public service offers are not sufficient and do not reach the entire population, and where there is little or no support or training for teachers and managers.

The criteria are divided into five sections and designed to allow professionals to work by themselves with the Handbook:

1. Educational Contents and Methods
2. Teacher Training
3. Teaching Aids
4. Physical Settings of Schools
5. Other

For each section - and sometimes even each criterion - practical documents are offered to help the users solve problems by themselves. These documents are all completely integrated as links in the Handbook/CD-ROM. Many of these resources were also designed and produced in the countries and regions where the Handbook was tested, namely in Central America and Eastern Africa.

Versions: English and Spanish

Contact-Persons: Roland Brunner and Sandro Giuliani, International programs
With input from Anthony Macelli, consultant (Malta)