Student Evaluation of a School

2003 - 2005

Evaluation of a school for "gifted" students, by the students themselves

Ecole La Garanderie, Lausanne (Switzerland):

The project - which continued for two school-years - consisted of the evaluation of a private school for "gifted" students by the students themselves. A group of twelve students from the third to the ninth grades was created. The students met once or twice a month to develop and participate in the evaluation process, using questions and answers and discussion. In the second year, the students set up a parent group and a teacher group to get feedback on their work and suggestions for the creation of a "better school." The parents and teachers examined the same themes as the students. Meetings were also held with all three groups to find solutions they could all agree on.

The project culminated with the drafting of a report, to allow the school directors to reorient some of their practices, including methods, manuals, physical organization of the school, etc.

School Directors: Jean-Daniel Nordmann and Elizabeth Foster
In collaboration with Minna Carstensen, consultant-teacher