BRIDGE Project: Learning to Live Together


BRIDGE Project on Educational Good Practices for Living Together

UNESCO International Bureau of Education (IBE), Geneva (Switzerland):

Web Database on educational good practices - citizenship, peace, intercultural and interfaith education, environmental education and new technologies (NTIC).
Production of audiovisual documents in eight countries: South Africa, Canada, Cuba, Malaysia, Oman, Peru, Czech Republic and Switzerland.
Production of a TV program on the educational theme ( "Tomorrow's Education ..."), in conjunction with the local Geneva TV station "Léman Bleu"
Presentation of all these products at the 46th International Conference on Education in September 2001 in Geneva on the theme "Learning to Live Together in the 21st Century"

In 2002, a follow-up to the BRIDGE project - and a partnership with UNESCO-Brazil - led to the production of a series of documents on the theme of AIDS prevention in schools, with many examples from Brazil (Rio de Janeiro and Nordeste).

Contact-persons: Cecilia Braslavsky and Pierre Luisoni (retired)
See with Massimo Amadio, program director