"Me, Racist !?"

2003 - 2005

"Me, Racist!?": Comic book and exhibition

In partnership with the Fondation Éducation et Développement (FED), Lausanne (Switzerland): www.globaleducation.ch

Comic book (2003)

First edition 2003 and new editions in 2004, 2007 and 2010 (planned)

Financed by the Département fédéral de l'extérieur (Fonds pour la lutte contre le racisme et les discriminations)

The comic book was prepared for young people between 12 and 18 years old. It presents funny situations in everyday life to encourage us to think about and discuss racism and discrimination based on ethnic origin, belief, age or sexual orientation. The accompanying file - included in the document - tackles the prevention of racism and how to fight against exclusion.
FED and MUZA identified pages of the original comic book (European Council) to be kept and created new educational pages to supplement this new Swiss edition. This new educational version will be of interest to all educators, teachers and parents.

"Me, Racist!?" (Swiss version with educational aid) has been translated into German and Italian and is currently under press for its 4th edition in French.

"Me, Racist" is part of the DIgNO project kit (see this project on MUZA's website).

Order Comic Book : on-line at the cost of 5 CHF a copy or 3 CHF for more copies.

Exhibition (2005)

Bureau pour l'intégration des étrangers du canton de Neuchâtel

The exhibition is based on 18 pages of the comic book and was designed to be used directly in high schools or outside the classroom for the general public, including adults. The original comics are accompanied by other posters on themes such as identity, belonging, prejudices and stereotypes, discrimination and racism here and elsewhere, along with legal tools for fighting racism.

Order Exhibition: in Switzerland (borrowed for a month); to be discussed for reproduction rights in other countries

Contact-person : Charly Maurer, Director FED (retired and replaced by Anahy Gajardo)
Christine Pittet, consultant and many student and teacher focus groups

For the exhibition, contact-person: Sylvia Carollilo-Winkler, Bureau des étrangers du canton de Neuchâtel