MUZA believes in an educational process grounded in the specific needs of each child, each person. This global holistic education supports the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual (meaning) development of each individual as a life-long process of growth.

An embodiment process supports this development.

Embodiment means a process of becoming conscious of the relationship we maintain with our own body, the bodies of others around us, and our physical environment (time, space) and social environment.

Becoming conscious of all these relationships helps individuals to find tools to create more coherence between what and how they feel, their intentions, and their actions in the world : internal-external coherence. It is ultimately leading to more meaningful lives.

MUZA is working as well toward:

  • Equilibrium, resiliency, well-being and health of both human being and his environment; healthy relationships between individuals and with their environment.
  • Bringing to light the full potential of each individual, that helps each person find their own talents and work on their own difficulties.
  • Reconciliation, by looking at and finding solutions together to individual and collective challenges.
  • True interdisciplinary education that opens into the community.
  • Engagement in our passions, pursuit of shared pleasure and joy, gratitude, freshness and surprise!
MUZA’s Vision 2008

Using somatic exercices and reflection, MUZA’s global approach accelerates professional development.

Educators embody their practices by working toward equilibrium and transformation while cultivating well-being and health.

Embodiment is the relationship we maintain with our own bodies, the bodies of others and our environment.